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Polycarbonate Serial No. Labels

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GSM Online Label Sales offer digitally under-surface printed Polycarbonate Serial Number labels, each with it’s own pre-printed sequential serial number.

The environment you require your serial number labels to be in may be quite extreme or located outdoors. It is essential that the printed detail remains legible. Therefore, our Serial Number labels are printed on the rear of the clear Polycarbonate and the text is then viewed from the front to provide an extremely durable finish as the inks are protected by the material.

To ensure that your customers can contact you should they wish to order more or to avoid theft or loss of inventoried equipment, the Polycarbonate serial number labels can be customised by adding your company contact details as required. The amount of company detail that can be included is determined by the size of the plate. The larger plates are able to house more details about your company and the smaller plates lesser detail.

Although we offer a standard layout for the labels we are aware that you will still want them to be aesthetically pleasing therefore we ensured that the text colour can be selected from a choice of standard colours at the order stage. These include; blue, black, red & green. You can also specify the sequential number range required which we can pre-fix with letters if required.

As standard we offer 3M 468 adhesive to the rear of the labels which enables easy application to your products. This is suitable for most industrial applications and does help to protect the ink further from scratches and scuffs. Should you require a stronger adhesive for use in an intensive industry, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Select your required Serial Numbered labels from the list above. However, if you can’t see what you’re looking for then please call us on +(0)1845 522184.


Polycarbonate Serial No. Labels