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Plastic QR Code Labels

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A plastic QR code label can be a highly durable way to provide a non-contactable method for your employees or customers to access data and documents.

A QR code is a quick response code and when scanned with a mobile or tablet, links to a website URL to display information such as; a menu, product manual or employee instructions.

The advantage of using a QR Code is that the data stored on the URL can be changed whilst the label remains in situ, therefore instead of replacing labels, the QR code URL may be updated remotely further extending the durability and longevity of the label.

Our range of plastic QR Code Labels are durable enough to be used for external applications. Under-surface printing the UV resistant ink onto polycarbonate ensure that it is protected and will not scratch or wear away. Adding 3M 468 adhesive to the rear of the label ensures that the QR code label can be easily applied to most substrates and will remain in situ for a long time to come.

We have offered the most popular shapes and sizes of the labels so you may choose the best option for your application. You can add bespoke text to your label and choose from a selection of colours to print the text which customises the label to your needs. There is no need to supply the QR code as we generate this from URL supplied as part of the manufacturing process.

Should you require a bespoke size or shaped plastic QR code label, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Plastic QR Code Labels