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'Distributed By' Labels

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Our durable, high quality ‘Distributed By’ Labels will help to promote your company on products that you have distributed and ensure that your customers can return in the future.

Products are covered in information regarding the manufacturer so it is important as a distributor your company is represented so that the end user is not directed to the wrong company should they have any questions or queries.

Our economical self-adhesive vinyl labels provide a quick & easy way to put your contact details onto products. These are useful for applications where there may be a curved surface as the vinyl is thin enough to curve around the substrate. They are also useful for use in environments that can get wet or humid.

Alternatively, our 1mm thick anodised aluminium labels provide a harder wearing finish for more rugged applications. The aluminium option gives the choice of either fixing holes or self-adhesive tape which you can specify at the order stage. Anodising the aluminium creates a protective surface to the printed detail.

Both vinyl and aluminium options of the ‘Distributed By’ labels are available in 2 of the most popular sizes with different text layouts to suit most applications.

You can customise your labels by selecting your choice of text colour along with the option to add your own contact details. The vinyl labels have a white background and the aluminium a silver background.

Select your preferred options from the list above to ensure that your customers remember where to find you.