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Polycarbonate Barcode Labels

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Our Polycarbonate barcode labels are pre-printed with a unique code 39 or code 128 barcode and human readable number, depending on your requirement, and supplied with a permanent 3M 467 adhesive on the rear.

A code 39 barcode is up to 43 characters long and can include letters, number and some symbols. A code 128 barcode is a high-density barcode which encodes alphanumeric or numeric data only. Both a code 39 or 128 barcode label would be a great option to print onto a polycarbonate label as they can be used for many applications and across a wide range of industries such as; stock control in a warehouse, asset control in a marine environment or for product identification in a medical market.

A polycarbonate barcode label is manufactured by using clear polycarbonate material that is 0.25mm in thickness and has a velvet/ matt texture to the face of the barcode which prevents any glare from the hardware as the barcode is scanned. We then digitally print the barcode and human readable number or sequence onto the reverse of the material. This effectively ‘sandwiches’ the ink between the material substrate and adhesive, creating a water and weatherproof label.

As well as a barcode and the human readable data printed onto the label we can also include your company logo and web address or telephone number.

Using a self-adhesive barcode label ensure an efficient and smooth application process for the labels when they are been added to products or fixed in location.

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Polycarbonate Barcode Labels