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Product, Rating & Machine Labels

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GSM Online Label Sales offers both metal and plastic product, rating and machine labels that can be pre-printed with your customised text and serial numbering with the option for you to add your own unique product information.

We sell 0.125mm aluminium foil labels and 1mm thick anodised aluminium nameplates as a highly efficient and durable label option for use in harsh environments and for several different applications including rating plates, serial number labels and contact id plates.

Anodised aluminium can be used to create multi-coloured contact details labels, identity plates and machine plates that can be individually printed with unique identification. Anodised aluminium provides a highly durable finish to the identity plates because the printed ink is sealed beneath the anodic layer creating a scratch and scuff resistant finish that can be used externally.

We also offer digitally printed self-adhesive vinyl labels for an economical and easy labelling solution for product identification as well as Polycarbonate labels which have been UV tested for exterior applications and can be customised to your requirements.

Please see above for further information on our range of Product, Rating and Machine plates.

Product, Rating & Machine Labels