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Aluminium Dot Peen Marking Labels

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GSM Online Label Sales offer Aluminium Dot Peen Marking Labels that are suitable for dot peen marking in-house.

Anodised aluminium dot peen marking labels are manufactured and supplied by GSM Online Label Sales to be either natural anodised aluminium labels or coloured and anodised aluminium blank labels.

Coloured aluminium blanks are supplied as anodised labels on 1mm thick material, as standard. This process involves electrically charging the blank aluminium before printing the bold coloured ink into the pores and sealing them. This creates a durable and hard-wearing surface to the label that is suitable for outdoor applications. When the coloured aluminium is dot peen marked the natural aluminium is revealed as a contrast for the detail. The options of the bold colour are; blue, black, red or green.

Natural aluminium dot peen marking labels are also manufactured and supplied using 1mm thick aluminium. Although a lesser contrast to the coloured aluminium the natural aluminium blanks still provide a good quality marked label once they have been dot peened.

Both options are offered in various sizes that include 100 x 50 mm, 75 x 50 mm, 50 x 25 mm and 47 x 15 mm. These pre-determined sizes eliminate the need and cost for additional tooling therefore providing a cost-effective dot peen marking label.

All variants come with the option to have either square (no extra cost) or radius corners (small additional cost) to suit your application. There is also the option for us to supply the dot peen marking labels with either 3M 468 adhesive tape (no extra cost), 3 mm holes (small additional cost) or no fixing type to ensure that the marking blanks meet your specification.

Please select the size aluminium dot peen marking label that you require and customise using the options available before placing your order.

If you require a bespoke sized dot peen marking label, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Aluminium Dot Peen Marking Labels