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Linear Barcode Labels

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Linear barcode labels come supplied as anodised aluminium, under-surface printed polycarbonate or anodised aluminium foil.

Linear barcodes are used across a wide range of industries. Some require a barcode for inventory and internal processing purposes whilst others rely on a barcode that can be scanned externally by users, customers or the general public. The information included and accessible when the barcode is scanned is customisable by the customer. Each linear barcode can include either variable or static data so each label can refer to either different or identical information per plate.

Examples of how these can be used is that variable information can identify a particular asset and each individual label would be individual whereas static information would make each labels data the same and this could be used on a range of identical products.

We offer code 39 or 128 linear barcodes as standard with the option of adding your own company name, phone number or web address to the barcode label.

Code 39 is the simplest of the alpha-numeric barcodes. This barcode can include up to 43 characters (originally 39 hence the name) that range from numbers, letters and symbols. Because of the use of letters within the alpha-numeric code it makes the barcode well used within the automotive and electronics industries.

Holding 128 characters, a code 128 barcode is a much higher density barcode that can house alpha-numeric data. This barcode is widely used within product identification and warehousing and logistics industries.

All of the linear barcode labels are also supplied with a human readable number. To further customise your label, we can print your company name, telephone number or website address onto the label. This is available in a choice of colours.

For any other barcode requirements other than 39 and 128 please call the office for a price on +44 (0) 1845 522184.

Linear Barcode Labels