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What levels of information can your asset labels house?

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GSM Online Label Sales supplies off-the-shelf asset labels that are suitable for a wide range of applications.


We understand that not all applications require the most durable option but benefit from a more economical solution and therefore we offer a range of asset labels that can house variable and personalised information.


Serialised Asset Labels

Different organisations will require different data to be displayed on their asset labels. Most common is a serial number that can then be recorded along with the company name and contact details. Serial numbers can then be registered with the organisation against/with any information that may be required.


Barcoded Asset Labels

A barcode asset label can be quickly and efficiently read so that the data it holds is available immediately via the scanner. A linear barcode can hold a serial number and GSM Online Label Sales will print a human readable number so if ever the scanner was not present the data could still be recorded. A 2D barcode label holds more information that can include a serial number, manufacturer’s code, and part number and so on, you can choose what information you need printing and we will generate the barcode for the asset label.


Permanent Solution

All options that we offer are asset labels that we manufacture in the UK @ our factory in Yorkshire. These are permanent because of adhesive, material and printing. Anodised aluminium asset labels offer a durable solution to applications that need a robust metal label. Anodising the metal ensures that the ink printed is sealed beneath the anodic layer to make it hard-wearing and scratch resistant. Our polycarbonate range of barcoded asset labels are also robust as they are under-surface printed so that the material acts as a barrier to the ink. Both can be supplied with a permanent 3M adhesive to the rear.


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Article Published : 14th May 2019