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The Varying Purposes of Serial Number Labels

Aluminium Foil Serial Number Labels
Aluminium serial number labels
serial number labels

Serial number labels have been used for many years to identify and distinguish between products. Used in the form of an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number), an eight digit number used to identify publications and publication issues is an example of just one way a serial number label can track products.


How can Serial Number Labels help your company?

  • Efficiently Track Inventory – Serial number labels can offer a solution for tracking inventory. Labelling all inventory generates a reference for a company to help keep track of inventory and property efficiently.
  • Information Holding – Depending on your requirement, serial number labels can link to various different pieces of information. The number is unique so therefore personalised information for the part or product it is registered to can be logged on a system of your choice. This keeps the label itself tidy as all of the information is not located on the label.

How can GSM Online Label Sales help?

We offer a range of serial number labels made from either anodised aluminium or under-surface printed polycarbonate. Aluminium serial labels are offered at 1mm thick or as 0.125mm thick aluminium foil serial labels which are useful for application onto a potentially curved surface.

The aluminium serial labels are offered in a variety of colours and with the option to have either square or radius corners. There is also the option to add either fixing holes or adhesive to the aluminium serial number label. As standard the serial number is digitally printed.

Sizes offered for aluminium serial number labels are;

The Aluminium foil serial number label has a coloured background with silver text and the 6 digit serial numbers required are stamped into the material. Supplied as standard with 4mm radius corners and 3M 468 permanent adhesive.

Size offered for aluminium foil serial number labels are;

Polycarbonate serial number labels are digitally printed onto the rear of 0.25mm thick velvet textured clear polycarbonate which makes them extremely durable to scratching. The text is printed in a range of colours and 3M 468 adhesive is added to the rear.

Sizes offered for polycarbonate serial number labels are;

We hope you can see a size that suits your application however if there is not please contact us and we can discuss your bespoke requirement for serial number labels.

Article Published : 30th September 2019