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The Perfect Christmas Thank You for your Customers

Aluminium Coaster
Aluminium Coaster
Aluminium Coaster

With Christmas just around the corner it's a time when the usual box of chocolates or Christmas card is delivered to your customer or suppliers.

Why not break the mould this Christmas by sending your customer a quality anodised aluminium coaster?

GSM Online Label Sales manufactures a range of anodised aluminium coasters each with its own features so you can tailor the right one for your company.

Choose from our range below;

• Anodised Aluminium Coasters 90 x 90mm square – These are manufactured using 1mm thick anodised aluminium. The detail printed is bespoke to your company. We add baize backing to the coaters to provide grip for the user.

• Anodised Aluminium Coasters 88mm Diameter – Manufactured using the same method however as a round which makes them perfect for a cup of tea.
• Anodised Aluminium Calendar Coaster 115 x 90mm – Manufactured again using 1mm thick anodised aluminium and with a baize backing but incorporating a calendar alongside your bespoke text.

Anodised aluminium coasters work well as a promotional item or gift because they have your company details on but they also serve a purpose for the customer on their desk which means that your company details are never far away from a telephone or computer from which a potential or existing customer of yours may enquire from.

Please view our range of anodised aluminium coasters to order.

Alternatively, call our GSM Online Label Sales team to discuss adding further detail to the customised coaster.

Article Published : 4th December 2019