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Six months in

Anodised aluminium
Anodised Aluminium Coaster
Anodised Aluminium Plate

As we are nearly six months into 2018 it is time to start thinking about getting next year?s calendar coaster ready.

Order your anodised aluminium calendar coaster from GSM Online Label Sales today, complete with your company details that are digitally printed to include vibrant and bright colours.

We supply thee complete with baize to the rear to make the perfect desk accessory. Using digitally printed anodised aluminium ensures that your promotional coaster will stay bright and vibrant with your company name no matter how hot the cup of tea resting on it may be. The anodising process leaves the surface of the aluminium with an anodic layer that protects the printed inks.

To order your anodised aluminium promotional coaster please click here or call +44 (0) 1845 522184.

Article Published : 8th May 2018