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Safety Signs: Everywhere for everyone

Self-adhesive Safety Signs
Vinyl safety signs
safety signs

Safety signs are EVERYWHERE! Some are displayed as a legal requirement and others are purely to highlight warnings and prevent accidents. Health and safety is a hot topic for most companies and outlining and attracting attention to potential hazards is exceptionally important to do for a responsible company.

Broken down into 3 categories that are colour coded self-adhesive safety signs. Blue safety signs offer a mandatory instruction. Yellow safety signs are a hazard warning. And red safety signs give prohibitive instruction. Most factories or industrial sites will house all 3 variants of the signs as with the running of machinery comes greater risk to the operator. However industries such as transport or medical may also have versions of all three because there is a lot of equipment that can be dangerous or cause harm.

All safety signs serve a very important purpose to protect; users, the public, staff, employers – basically to protect EVERYONE and in the varying colours that are printed makes them bright and visible to people who need to notice them. GSM Online Label Sales print the self-adhesive safety signs onto a bright white vinyl so that the bright coloured printed design contrasts well against the material offering a sign that is easily visible.

GSM Online Label Sales offer as standard 3 sizes of the self-adhesive safety signs; A3, A4 and A5 and to ensure that there is less time spent during an application GSM Online Label Sales manufactures the safety signs with a compulsory self-adhesive backing on the label and therefore more time can be spent working in the area or on the machine rather than applying a safety sign.

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Article Published : 13th August 2019