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Rating Plates

Rating Plates
Aluminium Rating Plates

Rating plates are added to lots of different items of machinery and plant equipment.

There are so many different versions of the plates that GSM Online Label Sales has designed a plate so you can add the detail you require to make it bespoke. Once manufactured the plates can then be stamped at your factory with the key and individual information for each machine.

GSM Online Label Sales manufacture the rating plates using anodised aluminium. Anodising is the process that involves electrically charging the aluminium to open its pores. It is then printed, filling the pores with ink before it is sealed creating an anodic layer to protect the ink. This ensures that the aluminium rating plate is durable and hard-wearing making it the perfect label for exterior applications.

These rating plates are offered in 1mm thick anodised aluminium in a range of standard sizes that avoid origination charges. There is also the option for fixing holes or a 3M adhesive to ensure application is seamless for you.

Click here to view our standard range of anodised aluminium rating plates or call +44 (0) 1845 522184 to discuss a more bespoke application with our dedicated and knowledgeable sales team.

Article Published : 26th June 2018