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How to personalise your machine labels

Machine Label
Machine Labels

Although nicknamed machine labels these labels can attach to a variety of machines and plant equipment housing varying information. There are a few points to consider prior to ordering your machine labels outlined below.


What does your company require?

First thing to consider is what information would your company benefit from having displayed on the machine plate. A good starting point is to ensure that your company name and contact details are on there so any customer or potential customer who is interested in your product can contact your company directly.

Next, does your company require any information to be recorded for each product for example an asset number for logging products? These can be sequential numbers or if preferred an individual code or even barcode to ensure that each product has an individual identification.

What do regulations state?

Is your company bound by industry regulations? If so it will be worth checking with the regulators as to what they require to be printed on your machine labels. There may also be stipulations on what materials can be used for your machine labels along with manufacturing processes. It is worth checking these prior to designing the machine label to ensure that they meet the required standards.

We have the option at GSM Online Label Sales for your machine labels to be manufactured from either anodised aluminium or under-surface printed polycarbonate. Both these options are durable and scratch resistant and can be supplied with either fixing holes or adhesive to ensure easy application.

There is a variety of standard machine plates to choose from where company details and information can be added and ordered online however if you require a plate to be designed specifically for your company with your own layout, please contact us to discuss.

Article Published : 10th June 2019