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Anodised Aluminium Asset Tags

Products and company assets that need identifying may be used in varying environments and therefore it is essential to tag them accordingly so that the tags or labels may not be removed.

Products may be used in warm or humid conditions where the asset labels may get hot. GSM Online Label Sales offer aluminium asset tags that have been anodised to ensure that the labels have resistance to heat and are therefore durable enough to withstand heat and other varying conditions.

These durable asset tags can have a self-adhesive backing that is also robust enough to withstand the warm temperatures that they may be subjected to.

All in all we can provide you with a robust, temperature resistant anodised aluminium asset tag to fix to your hot property. To order please click here or call +44 (0) 1845 522184 to discuss your application with our team.

Article Published : 23rd May 2018