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Contact Labels
Contact Labels

Branding is a key process in the design of any new product and can take a long time.

Manufacturers give a lot of time and money to branding that goes onto products even employing branding specialists. However what if you are not the manufacturer and your company distributes or sells their products?

It is as important, if not more important that companies who distribute, sell or service manufacturer products display their own branding because they are the company that will need contacting should the consumer require any assistance or further purchasing information.

As a distributor it would be beneficial to add a distributed by contact label to the product with contact details of the company on so that consumers know who to contact should they require more or have any questions regarding usage of the product. GSM Online Label Sales have a standard contact label for distributors to add their details to to create a personalised distributed by label that carefully displays the company’s details without overpowering the manufacturers branding.

As a re-seller or servicer of a manufactured product competition may be high. This would mean that if a sales or service contact label were not visible on the product the consumer may start searching the internet for the product and this potentially runs the risk of an existing customer finding a competitors website and contacting them regarding further sales or service packages. To avoid this a ‘For Sales and Service’ contact label may be attached to a product to display vital information about your company should the end user require further products or a service.

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Article Published : 28th November 2019