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Durable Aluminium Plates

Aluminium Asset Labels
Aluminium Door Signs
Aluminium Identity Plate

Anodising aluminium is an effective process where the pores of the aluminium are opened and ink is printing in before sealing the substrate. GSM Online Label Sales offers a range of durable aluminium plates using this process.

Aluminium identity plates and contact labels are used to display company information and contact details so products can be ‘labelled’.

Serial numbered aluminium plates are also useful for machine marking/identifying and also asset tagging. Used for protecting your company assets for if they were lost, stolen or damaged.

Alternatively, we can offer an aluminium barcode labels which can be used in conjunction with a serial number to ensure accurate and efficient asset management and control.

Anodised aluminium can be used externally as a durable metal plaque and we offer a range of car parking signs and aluminium door signs.

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Article Published : 25th May 2017