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Common uses for Linear Barcode Labels

Linear Barcode Labels
Linear Barcode Label
Barcode Label

Linear Barcode Labels have been used on products in supermarkets and shops for decades and have proved a very efficient and economic method for stock and inventory control.


Logistical companies have realised the potential of the linear barcode label to be used more widely for varying applications across many industries as a method for asset tracking and information gathering. With applications evolving the once paper linear barcode label now needs to be more hardwearing and durable. GSM Online Label Sales has a variety of processes using different materials to make sure the linear barcode label you require is durable enough for your application, click here to see the full range.


Anodised Aluminium Linear Barcode Labels

Anodising aluminium is the process of opening the pores of the aluminium to then digitally print into them before sealing the ink beneath the anodic layer. This product lends itself to being used in outdoor applications as UV resistant inks are used to print the linear barcode. Produced as standard with either fixing holes and/or adhesive for easy application GSM Online Label Sales range will have a solution for your outdoor barcoding requirements.


Plastic Linear Barcode Labels

Polycarbonate is used as a clear material that is then under-surface printed with a linear barcode so the ink is protected by the polycarbonate material. Manufactured with a 3M permanent self-adhesive backing the plastic linear barcode label can be stuck to a range of substrates to create a solution for asset tracking or housing logistical information. Again, these labels are suitable for use in exterior environments such as within the sports, security and instrumentation industries.


Should you wish to discuss your application or to request samples of our finished material processes, please click here to speak with a member of our team.

Article Published : 24th April 2019