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Aluminium Barcode Labels

Aluminium Barcode Labels

Aluminium barcode labels are a very useful tool when we are checking inventory, they reduce human errors when entering data and increase productivity throughout.

Anodised for durability the barcode labels can be used in various environments to monitor and identify products. Anodising is the process whereby the printed ink is sealed beneath the anodic layer.

Supplied as either 0.125mm or 1mm thick anodised aluminium that is either self-adhesive or has fixing holes enables you to fix the aluminium barcode label to almost anything.

Select the barcode type you will be using (either code 128 or 39) and advise us of the human readable range you will be using.

We have also added an area for your website and telephone number so if your equipment is out on loan or offsite, potential customers can call to enquire about your product.

Check out our range of aluminium barcode labels here.

Article Published : 31st October 2017